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Clients and Client Reviews


New Jersey Holistic Health Services, Corporate Clients, NJ, office

"It's really motivational. It's a great thing the company does for employees and it gives me a positive feeling about working here"                                    - Account Executive

Chair Massage, customer service, NJ

"We have hard deadlines and a workload that never lets up. The stress really gets to me.  The break on massage day really helps."                  - Customer Service Rep


Accountants and Consultants


Mendonca & Partners 

Certified Public Accountants LLC


Sobel & Co., LLC

Certified Public Consultants and Accountants


Towers Watson Data Services


Signature Closing Services

Coherent Inc 

Manufacturer of Lasers


Morton Salt


 Chronic Care


The New Jersey City University


The Glen Ridge Congregational Church


The Reformed Church in Pompton Plains

"Chair Massage Is a simple, cost-effective way to relief stress, improve employee morale, increase productivity, lower health care costs and show the staff you care. All our emloyees take advantage of it.  It's economical, and I get my value out of it in appreciation alone"         - Business Owner

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