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New Jersey Holistic Health Services -

Corporate Services
Health & Wellness Initiatives for Businesses and Organizations

The coffee break of the new millenium.  We offer seated chair massage services for office/ employee wellness, conferences, business promotions, expos, fundraisers, health fairs, open houses and more.


"I spend a lot of time in cramped positions on the phone and on the computer. I really look forward to our stress break. It relaxes my muscles and lets me start fresh And I don't have so much pain in my neck anymore."


      Legal Secretary             

Warrior One

Gentle forms of exercise for self healing that balances mind and body, cultivates vital energy, integrating physical postures, breathing techniques, massage, movement, focused intention, attention and mindfulness.  Great for corporate wellness events.

Also on Zoom

"I have suffered from chronic pain and fatigue for years.  I have been to so many doctors, therapists and chiropractors. Yet the only techniques that have helped me are Qigong and Massage."



drumming drum circle

Drumming together as a corporate group results in synergy, camaraderie and increased well-being.  As the team begins to play together a common language emerges and communication improves.  Individuals become a team and the team becomes a community.

"…it was great to see everyone so enthused.  This is by far the best team-building exercise I have seen.  You transformed our group into one synergistic team.  Thank you for truly adding value to our event."


      Business Owner

labyrinth new jersey

We aim to bring you news, tips, knowledge and inspiration from the world of health and wellness.  Here you find basic stretches and exercises that can be done right at your desk and will only take a few minutes.

"This is a great soltuion for office-workers short on time and long on stiff muscles.   Stretching should be done every hour at your workstation. 


      Therapist Recommendation

spa party

Available for groups of various sizes.  Delight your guests with relaxing chair or table massages and other spa treatments.  Your guests will love it and your event will be an affair to remember.

"What a fantastic night!!! EVERYONE should have a Spa-Party at their house!  On time, very affordable, great service and an excellent experience. Thank you so much.  Everyone enjoyed themselves."


      Happy Client

labyrinth new jersey

Transformational tools for everyday life.  Available for churches, schools, universities, hospitals and individuals. The Labyrinth has been used as a walking meditation to assist us in finding peace and managing stress.

"I can walk in the woods or on the beach for hours, thinking about a problem and not be able to come up with a solution. Yet I can spend 15 or 20 minutes on the labyrinth and solve everything."


      Labyrinth Enthusiast

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