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Therapeutic Wellness Massage

Massage realigns the inner energies of mind, body and spirit. The result is a wonderful feeling of relaxation, health, well being, and balance that lasts for hours

Ancient Asian, African and, Native American Healers understood the miraculous power of touch. Using specific techniques, they tapped into the vital energy source that every human being possesses to improve health, increase intuitive powers, and enhance self-knowledge.



The relaxing and calming effects of massge help to restore balance, health, vitality, and of course it always feels wonderful. 


Whether you favor a traditional Swedish massage, or a massage integrated with other modalities such as reiki, aromatherapy or reflexology, you'll be in for a wonderful treat.

For ages massage therapy has been a modality of choice to connect to that source of energy. It is a non-invasive and low risk technique which can be used to treat both acute and chronic pain. Regular massage  reduces anxiety while increasing relaxation, and supports healthy sleep patterns



Therapeutic Massage with Hot Stones, NJ

Besides the spiritual, emotional and psychologigal implications. massage also provides benefits such as relaxation of muscle tensions, release of fatigue, relief of pain, increase of circulation and nutrition to tissues, hastening of elimination of waste and toxic debris, greater range of motion improved posture

We will customize your massage based on your preferences. Choose from a standart Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage and include any of the additional modalities below at no extra charge.
Hot Stone Massage with Self Heating Massage Stones

Hot stone massage is a unique connection we experience with nature, offering a sense of profoundness and sacredness. It is an ancient practice originating thousands of years ago from the Far East.  It has been re-discovered over the last decade and has become very popular.



We use "Sassi Stones" the worlds first self heating massage stones.

Hot Stone Massage, NJ

They are made out of Moroccan sand stoneware and will be used to massage arms legs and back with the heat penetrating your body,

Reflexology Treatments

Reflexology is a holistic method used for two thousand years to maintain health and promote healing by applying ptrssure to pressure points on hands and feet.


Reflexology, New Jersey Holistic Health Services

Reflexology dramatically assists the self-healing process, relieves painful sensations, instills feelings of relaxation

Reflexology dramatically assists the self-healing process, relieves painful sensations, instills feelings of relaxation, speeds recovery from injury or illness, strengthens the immune system and controls stress.


Reiki is an energetic therapy that was designed to heal the body using the hands and the energy that circulates within our own bodies. This therapy makes use of the palm healing by channeling the reiki (or inner spiritual energy) of the practitioner.

Therapeutic Massage with Crystal Singing Bowl Sound & Tuning Forks
Crystal Bowl Massage, NJ

The sound literally ripples around, above and through you. It fills the room in soothing crescendos that are transforming and magical.

The all-enveloping sound vibrations of the crystal bowl and tuning forks will transport you into a heightened state of awareness and relaxation. 



The vibrations aid relaxation and have the  therapeutic effect of an internal sound massage.

Face Massage

Having your face touched is a very personal and intimate experience.  One of the great rewards for giving this massage is to observe a client's face soften and relax. A good face massage induces a feeling of peace & reassurance.

We offer studio and residential appointments: Studios at

Bloomfield Total Health Center

1129 Broad Str, Bloomfield, NJ 07003

45 min session .................... $65

1 hour session ..................... $85

1 1/2 hour session ............ $125


sales tax included

travel for residential appointments -  extra



American Massage Therapy Association



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