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Survival Tips for the Office

The following presentations are helpful to manage proper posture and avoid potential injuries as result of long hours of desk and computer work.  If you are a first-time visitor, be sure to like us on facebook and recieve news, tips, knowledge and inspiration from the world of health and wellness
The material on this Page is not intended for diagnosis, cure or treatment of specific illnesses. It is intended for your information only.. Readers are advised to consult with their primary health care provider on any matters relating to their health or specific illness.
Section 1:


Here you find basic stretches and exercises that can be done right at your desk and will only take a few minutes.  Find the ones you like best and do them daily.

4-Minute Neck and Shoulders Stretch at Your Desk

Yoga teacher Rodney Yee walks you through a 4-minute routine for stretching your neck and shoulders at your desk.


6 Stretches to Reduce the Stress of Sitting at Your Desk.

This is a great soltuion for office-workers short on time and long on stiff muscles.


The Ergonomics Guy

Sit Straight and Work Right- Proper Chair Ergo. Physical Therapist Steve Meagher shows you some simple exercise you can do to help decrease stress.

Easy Computer Desk Stretches


Lifewellness Institute - Workstation Stretches

Stretching should be done every hour at your workstation.

3 Minute Desk Stretches


Section 2:


This section features educational resources about proper posture and various approaches that can be helpful in coping with the stresses of the office.

Correct Ergonomics of Sitting at a Computer Desk

Advice from Physiotherapist Christina Foch. Proper posture at your workstation is a preventative tool to reducing strain and pain in the body.


Ergonomics - Corporate Educational Video

An education video about the importance of Ergonomics in an office environment.

Find your Primal Posture and sit without Back Pain

Presentation by Esther Gokhale at TEDxStanford

Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs

A great variety of office kneeling chairs is available today. This video explains the basic concept. For anyone suffering from lower back pain this approach can work.  F

How to Set Up an Ergonomically Correct Standing Desk Workstation

Get the most out of your standing desk. 

Office Ergonomics

This training video will discuss those office work-related factors that pose a risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) and recommendations to alleviate them.

Bloomfield Total Health Center / Pro Adjuster

Dr. Michael M. Credico, the Chiropractic Director of the center, is committed to bringing you better health by combining the principles and benefits of chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy.

Chair Massage

AMTA member Leesa Scott talks about the benefits of massage therapy and how to find a qualified massage therapist, while AMTA member Mike Moore gives an on-air chair massage demo.

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