We offer participatory, innovative and experiential programs for teambuilding, personal growth workshops and private events that allow people of all ages in a wide range of groups and communities to participate in a universal, time-tested, joyous experience that's easy, natural, and FUN!


The repetitive, physical nature of drumming helps release stress and enhances clarity and focus.


 Corporate Team Building through Rhythm

Drumming is as ancient as communication itself.  A drum circle creates a simple ritual through sound and music that empowers each person in an inter-dependent relationship.

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Events for Businesses and Organizations

David DiLullo of Global Drum Circles describes this powerful and unique experience


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Sharing the experience of making music together raises spirits and creates feelings of personal and group power and accomplishment in a fun and uplifting way.   


People experience a sense of empowerment when their individual expression contributes to the group. By adding to the group harmony you interactively become part of something that is bigger than yourself.