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Native American Flutes, Lessons and Flute Making Classes

Learn to play or make a Native American Style Flute as a Spiritual Practice
Within a few minutes you will learn to make beautiful music
Playing Native American flute is a wonderful way to express feelings and emotions, and an enjoyable means for relaxation in our hurried world.
With just a little practice, beautiful sounds emerge and we are the creators. Add a little feeling and out comes a song from the heart. This is the most fulfilling part.
Novices will find that within a few minutes they are producing beautiful music. It is very low tech yet has the most soothing, peaceful voice through which we can easily express ourselves.
Native American Flute, Joachim Becker, Bloomfield, NJ
Discover how playing the Native American flute can help you meditate and connect with others who are drawn to the mystical sounds of the flute.  
Create a unique spiritual practice using breathing techniques and sound vibrations. You will be amazed at how quickly you can learn to make beautiful music and how soothing it can be when used as a meditative tool.
 Native American Flutes in A minor by Jonah Thompson
Johna Thompson, Native American Flutes, NJ

Handcrafted Native American Flutes by Navajo flute maker Jonah Thompson, flute bag included.


$ 65 + shipping

Listen to the Jonah Thompson Flute

Northern Spirit Flutes in A minor by Richard Dubé
Johna Thompson, Native American Flutes, NJ

Native American Style Flutes made of from U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved ABS plastic, designed by Richard Dubé with help from Ed Hrebec


$ 65 + shipping

This mid A flute is a replica of a traditionally tuned flute made by James Powesheik that is over 100 years old.

Kalani Das, MT-BC reviews the Northern Spirit Native American flute.

Native Amercan Flute Lessons
Flute Classes



Interactive Guides



"The Native American Flute:   

Understanding the Gift"

An interactive guide for learning to play by John Vames.  Includes CD.


 $ 30 + shipping

Skype Class Online:  $25 / 25min

 In-Home Classes:

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Flute Making Classes for Children of all Ages



We offer flute making classes of the Northern Spirit Flute for small and large groups, schools and organizations.  The Flutes are made from U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved ABS plastic and feature a unique design that eliminates all of the difficult aspects of making Native American style flutes.

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includes class, flute kit and lesson on how to play.

Native Amercan Flute Lessons

More about

Northern Spirit Flutes

Northern Spirit Flutes are played throughout the world from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Tokyo, Japan; from Sheffield, England to the desert of Tunisia; to all the way back home in Canada and the United States. We are proud to be a part of facilitating the revival and revitalization of the Native American flute in the 21st Century.


You are also invited to join us at the Chatham (NJ) Drum Circle and Sacred Circle of Sound. Besides the drums we always include flutes and other instruments

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