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Healing through Movement

Restorative Exercises - Stretches - Self-Massage


 Enhancing Health and Longevity

Great for corporate wellness events. Small group sessions combine Tai Chi / Qi Gong  style movement sequences with stretches, acupressure / self massage, mindfulness and conscious breathing.  Sessions engage employees in a gentle form of exercise that cultivates the body's vital energy, maintains mobility, balance, and can help in our growing health crisis.  It is  an excellent mind-body practice that addresses a wide variety of conditions.

Chair Massage, NJ

Practicing is simple and powerful. You cannot do it wrong. It is graceful, relaxed, slow, and fluid, like a slow- motion dance.  Yet is also can be vigorous and include self massage techniques as well as specific exercise routines that help maintain muscle tone and joint strength.

Movements are based on principles of body mechanics and their expressions in the various planes of movement of the body.   Forms can be linear, circular or in spiral form, as well as patterns, shapes and forms that reflect the make up of living things as seen in nature. 


Participants who practice frequently have reported a decrease of chronic pain, improved balance and posture, better focus, boosted immunity, lower stress levels and blood pressure.

Chair Massage Services, New Jersey, Joachim Becker
Chair Massage, NJ
Chair Massage, NJ

All sessions are conducted by licensed and insured massage therapists or other health and exercise professionals.

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Introduction to QiGong movements by Lee Holden

"Slow movements balance and strengthen mind and body and allow us to move in alignment with the universe"

Services are available for:

  • Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Private Events

  • Health Fairs

  • Community Health Initiatives

  • Personal and Small Group Instructions

  • Initiatives for Seniors



Please provide us with the following:


  • Number of people who would like to participate in a session

  • Date and time frame of your event

  • Location 


Free 25 min class with purchase of Chair Massage Services for your wellness event. Contact us for details.


Special Offers:


Ask about our special rates if booking sessions together with chair massages.

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"You possess the ability to tap a bottomless well of physical and psychic energy (called "chi" in Chinese). With it, you can harness the magickal power of the universe.  Yet most of us unknowingly block the flow of this power, and live out our lives not reaching the potential that we could achieve if we only knew how."


            -  Lily of the Valley Carnie


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